Jabra new lineup

Jabra’s newest corded and wireless stereo headphones are perfect for hard-wearing, everyday use, and portability. To delivering state-of-the-art design, ease-of-use, and outstanding sound quality Jabra lineup includes the over-the-head Jabra Revo — available in corded and Wireless versions — and the small but tough in-ear Jabra Vox.

Jabra Revo Corded and Wireless
The lineup Jabra Jabra Revo Wireless (a 2013 red dot design award winner) and Jabra Revo corded headphones (the latter available in gray and white) are solidly constructed using an aluminum frame, steel hinges, and a shatter-proof headband for extreme flexibility.

The Revo Wireless utilizes both Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC) technologies to pair with your device, and its Turntable Touch Control allows you to easily play, skip, or pause your music while also managing calls.

Jabra Vox [buy here]
Optimized for superior sound and performance with portable devices, the Jabra Vox really packs a punch. Get the perfect fit with specially designed ColorCore EarGels for enhanced comfort and deep sound. Vox’s earbuds are engineered to rest comfortably for extended use. The Vox also includes in-line controls for playing or pausing music as well as taking calls.

Jabra’s exclusive Sound App
Dolby Digital Plus Sound App available for iOS and Android devices, Dolby Digital Plus adds that extra depth and dimension to your music — extending bass performance and enhancing high frequencies so your music retains its clarity.

Find the right headphone for your needs today, whether it be the corded in-ear Vox, corded over-the-head Revo in gray and white or the Revo Wireless for the ultimate in freedom

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