Quora is one of the dominant platforms for knowledge sharing, The community is helping people to understand various things from different perspectives. The unique feature that motivates writers and changes readers’ user experience is Upvotes for Quora‘s post.

Upvotes are a way to convey esteem and appreciation, it’s a slice of acceptance reflecting worthiness of content. When there’s content that influences any thought or action it results in a gradual increase of upvotes for quora posts.

Ways to get the best user experience out of Quora 

  • Follow topics on what you want to know and share about.

Interest propels learning (ask questions), and learning enkindles sharing(answer questions which you know). This is the basis of Quora, what connects users and creates engagement.

Why is it important? – To make sure that you see the information you need and share knowledge about what people need. Unlike other social networking sites, On quora, people value ideas and contents.

  • Source for information and first-hand knowledge

It’s a Platform to learn from credible people, there are industry experts, business leaders, professionals of various fields, entrepreneurs, authors, artists, students and more. 

Why is it important? It acts as a qualitative source of inputs onto topics which you follow and profile that you’ve connected with, rather than just consuming things which are on the web leaving you confused. For a business, this source helps to understand market voice (needs and expectations).

  • Review and Influence

When you follow topics of your interest and connect with people, now you can even review the content in quora. You can downvote (wrong, misleading info) or buy quora upvotes (which are qualitative, relevant, needful, unique and structured info). Remember you can even be a friend, not a judge, people love it that way when you review this way.

Why is this important? When you review others posts it changes/filters your quora feed content and user experience in getting relevant topic posts. As a writer, if you are not getting enough upvotes that reflect to change the way you are putting info and if you are getting upvotes that influences you to write more.

(check this out – link to blog – on how to write content on Quora)

  • Establish Yourself 

Not only just answering questions, but you can also even add links to websites, videos, and other blogs where you have jotted detailed info about the topic.It allows you to present and give voice to other works that help you establish your profile, brand or expertise.

Why is this important? Quora’s algorithm helps your post rank in quora and search engine results if your posts have high upvotes and engagement.

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  • Test your thought

You can use quora to present your unique ideas, product or service so you’ll get to know what others think about it, and even modify it into a better version as per valuable suggestions.


Quora app description says “Quora is a place to share knowledge and better understand the world”. To get better user experience on Quora, always keep asking what’s important here, this keeps you on track to find qualitative information and to write precise content, making quora an interesting social networking site for you.